If you need help, please reach out.

Galveston CoCare is committed to connecting people experiencing crisis to services to help meet their needs. Please take a minute to fill out this form to help us better understand your need and connect with you.

Please Note: Filling out this form means you’re asking to be connected to a service provider in your area who’s able to meet a social or medical need that you or someone in your care may have. Once completed, this form is sent to Galveston CoCare and a client navigator will contact you within two business days. The information you enter is completely confidential and there is no cost to send in this request. Please use this form only to request services for yourself or a child (under 18 years old) or adult for whom you have legal guardianship. Consent submitted through this form should be signed by the person who would be receiving services or by their parent or legal guardian only.