What Is Community? Part 1

To every family facing crisis, an hour or a day could mean the difference of life or death.

As I received the call from an advocate, I was shocked to hear the story. An older woman who still had repair needs in her home seven weeks after the Winter Storm Uri had passed. Seven weeks.

After checking one avenue of help for her without success, we reached out to our entire network of nonprofits who have joined our Council. Six minutes later, we had our first response from a nonprofit on Galveston Island who was willing to meet whatever needs she had. Six minutes.

Over the next hour, we had ten responses from other Council Members sharing either full access to help from their resources or pointing to other places where this woman could get assistance. I was so overwhelmed with gratitude on behalf of this woman.

To every family and individual facing crisis, an hour or a day could mean the difference of life and death or even the difference of recovery and poverty. It's easy to forget how important the resource of time is. Because this advocate came to Galveston CoCare, she wasn't accessing one service provider, but a network of providers and this made all the difference for her client.

It makes me so grateful for every single Council Member in CoCare. Each Member leads their own nonprofit, yet they see the community value by taking time monthly to meet and remaining open to share resources with one another. They are seeking a better today for their community and advocating for the best tomorrow too.

I spoke with the woman again yesterday and she was so grateful for the care she's beginning to receive. For her, she finally feels seen after weeks of waiting.

When I think "What is Community?"

Community among many things is... a quick response.

**Special thanks to Dr.Vivian Hernandez at GISD, Paula Tobon-Stevens at St. Vincent's House, John Eckeberger at 4B Response and all the other organizations who responded.**

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